Sunday, February 17, 2013

Movie Review: Safe Haven & Valentine Goodies

Valentines Day was amazing. I enjoyed it to no end! I had all kinds of sweet goodies from the two men in my life :) It cannot get any better then that! Daddy got me Lilly flowers which I love because of how tropical they look along with a cute little teddy bear. The Mr got me roses along with a bag of goodies which had mm's, kit kat bars all things with valentine colors but my favorite thing in the goody bag was my little stuffed owl! It was too darn cute... I just love cute little adorable owls. 

I had really wanted to go see Safe Haven something awful. 1 because my favorite author is Nicholas Sparks, 2 I have read all his books & 3 I have loved all his movies made from the books but I knew that this one might just top the Notebook. I am thankful I was able to see this romantic movie on Valentines Day :) :) :)

Rated: PG 13 
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Story By: Nicholas Sparks
Screen Play: Leslie Bohem & Dana Stevens
Main Characters: Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, & Cobie Smulders

Katie (Julianne Hough) runs away from her abusive toxic marriage in Boston where she is married to a cop. After stabbing her husband whom was choking her to death she cuts her hair & dyes it then boards a bus to Atlanta however once they make a 10 minutes pit stop in a small town known as South Port in North Carolina she decides this is the place for her to make a new life. She falls for Alex (Josh Duhamel) a widowed store owner with such a kind heart whom has 2 small children Josh & Lexi. She also becomes great friends with Jo whom happens to be her neighbor. Katie struggles with what happened to her in the past due to her husband & with Jo helping her she sees that she must now move on & let loose of the life that once was to have an amazing life now as it is with Alex. 

On her tail though is her husband whom drinks liquor from a water bottle, sleeps overnight at the crime scene which was their house, breaks into a sweet old lady's house, & those are the least of his crimes. 

As the story continues you see little bits & pieces that once came from the Notebook such as a romantic canoe ride, & a sudden rainstorm. Sadly during this amazing time he finds out she is wanted for murder except she didn't kill him & she was fending herself however Alex would not listen to her at all until a few very long 15 minutes into the movie where he says I was wrong I love you I am going to protect you & he then allows her to tell they story of what happened to her & it only draws them closer together. 

4TH of July setting begins & is the climax of the movie this is when Katie has her husband in town looking for her. He is asking around & finds Lexi whom lies to him & he leaves well enough alone for a few. Alex & Katie along with Josh & Lexi are dancing & having fun along with others all while Her husband watches her enjoying herself.  Soon after night time begins & Katie is left with Lexi at the store while Josh goes with Alex to set off the fireworks for the town. During that time Katie finds herself staring at her husband whom is wanting her back she thinks he is finally going to walk away when he starts to drench the place with gas. Katie sees what is going on & shoves him into the water. Alex & Josh had just set fireworks off & sparks ignited the fumes of gas catching the store on fire. Katie runs over trying to get Lexi out only for her asshole of an ex husband to grab her up & start beating her as he always has done in the past. Luckily Alex seen the flames & automatically jumped in the boat & headed that way. He was able to save Lexi & while finally grabbing her he hears Katie scream & goes to save her from her awful husband whom has a gun trying to shoot her with it as she struggles with him she is finally able to point it at him & during the struggle it kills him right as Alex gets to her. Katie shoves her dead husband off her & goes straight to Lexi to make sure she is ok.

Grand Finale is amazing to say the least. You see the crumbles of the store, Josh huddled crying over what once use to be a place for only his mother to go, Jo saying her goodbyes & that it is now time to finally leave South Port. & you see a few seconds later the store baring being rebuilt to its former glory, Lexi & Josh on the pier, & you see Alex go inside the home to find a letter his wife has written to the one whom Alex wants to marry & spend his life with & it was only meant for one. He hands that letter to Katie & goes to join his kids while she reads it. The letter is a huge tear jerk. You find out that her friend Jo was actually all along Alex ex wife mother to Lexi & Josh which gives many even more tears. She then joins them all on the pier to end the sweet movie :)

I use to think that a movie could not top the Notebook but let me tell you I knew that if any movie would do it that this one would be its runner. & let me just say that it did just that & I now can truly say that this movie topped Notebook. I loved it like no other. I hands down am ready to watch it a thousand times over just like I have done with the Notebook for several years now. I am already wanting it out on DVD. I highly suggest that you ladies go see this amazing movie! You will fall in love I promise. 

I rate this movie 5 out 5! Very rarely do I ever rate a movie full stars because I think most movies could be better however this movie was amazing & just as good as the Notebook which I once upon rated a 5 as well :)

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