Friday, February 22, 2013

Sweet Letters

I am linking up with Ash!

Dear Meal Plan, I plan you for every week now yet believe it or not I do not follow you completely. I sometimes have friends decide to wanna go out to eat thus us deciding that it would be way more fun to meet up then to stay home & cook. Which means I place you to the side sorry.

Dear weather, I would love for you to finally warm up that would be great! I miss warm weather something awful.

Dear Hero Rush, I will officially be signed up for you come tomorrow! I cannot wait... I know you will kick all 8 of our asses however I know you will be tons of fun! Hello 5 miles full of firefighter obstacles. We have chosen our team colors which will be black shorts & baby blue shirts.  You will be held on April 20 so we still have a month to get ready for you thankfully. 

Dear Andrea, I loved that I got to see you & little man Monday night even if it was only for dinner. I love you both so very much. I cannot wait to see you both again. 

Dear Lacy, I am ready for our dinner date tonight! & I am even more excited to see Safe Haven all over again for the 2nd time. I know it will be amazing to see once again.

Dear weekend, I am glad to have you off! I am very much ready for some rest & relaxation. 

Dear followers whom no longer follow me, I kinda was sad/mad at first that I had lost 3 people following me but looking now a few weeks later all I got to say is your loss not mine! I wish I had every minute of the day to post things on here but I just do not sadly. I have a life being a nurse, sister, daughter, friend,girlfriend & so much more. So when I do have free time I do post things! & if you cannot handle the fact that I do not post 24-7 then I am truly sorry for you!

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