Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Visit With Andrea After 2 Years

Truthfully I do not even know where to begin at to be completely honest.  Andrea use to be one of my best friends. I loved her too the moon & back!  We both was always there for each other no matter what. You name it & we most likely have done it together. Both her & I could have written a book of our lives together as best friends. 

Fast forward a bit after our 3 almost 4 years of being best friends & she has a new boyfriend. Now let me just say I did not like this guy none of us did. She did however though. She thought he was something special how she ever decided that I do not know & either do the others. We all told her he was bad & that it was a huge mistake. She refused to listen to us. Little by little he made her shove us out of her life until we no longer had a life that involved her in it with us sadly. Within two years of not seeing her or speaking to her she married the guy & even had a child with the guy. He never let her have a facebook or anything else.  He was a bum to say the least. She worked while he did what ever the hell he wanted which included cheating on her, sleeping in every day, just basically using her for all she was worth. It truly was sad. 

Fast forward to 2 years after of not speaking or seeing each other. She added facebook back, found out what he had been doing & wanted a divorce with the divorce she wanted him to sign off all rights to her son whom is now 8 months old & his name is Kaden. We started talking again for a bit just through facebook then soon after the text messages started once again just like old times & with those she apologized & said she was so sorry for not believing me when I told her that he was bad. She also said that we could never not speak to each other again because it was sad not having each other in our lives.

We decided that is was time to meet in person so we made dinner plans to eat at Chili's Bar & Grill. I was excited that I was finally going to get to see my best friend again after two years of not seeing or speaking to her & as a bonus I was not going to also meet her new addition Kaden. It felt just like old times with her & I. I loved it so very much. I was glad to finally meet her little addition. He was amazing, sweet & such a little joy. 

I am angry at her soon to be ex husband for the following: 
1. He made me miss 2 years of my best friends life
2. He made her miss 2 years of my life
3. I missed seeing her pregnant
4. I missed her baby shower
5. I missed seeing her give birth to Kaden 
6. I missed 7 months of his little life because of him 

I just am thankful that now we can move forward & no longer miss things in each other lives. Even though we can not go back to relive the past two years we can now live for the future & not miss a thing & that alone is amazing. I am truly thankful to have one of my best friends back. 

sweet Kaden

Andrea & Kaden

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