Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hero Rush

I am getting ready for this coming up Obstacle run! I know it will for sure be one heck of a challenge but I am ready. The firefighters have developed it. It is a 5 mile run with obstacles the whole way that firefighters would have to do on a daily basis. There are 8 of us doing this run together! Our team name is Tributes does the name ring a bell? Hello Hunger Games! I love that the money goes to the fallen firefighters..I know that helps in so many ways! 

You will slide, climb, crawl, get wet, search for victims, drag & carry, carry stretchers, race up stairs, go down poles, as well as fight through smoke & flames! EEK...

The one in Nashville is April 20TH! So if any of you sweet ladies or gents want to join a team your more then welcome to join ours! You can even do a promo code team15 to pay less if you want! Just go to sign up for the Tennessee one find team Tributes & click join! Our wave is at 10am at Honey Suckle Farms :) 

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