Sunday, April 12, 2015

Day At The Park

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Good Morning Sunshine! That is what someone should have said to me today... I was in good mood when I woke up can you tell? I was all smiles! 

Please ignore the blurry part to the photo however! Boo to a sucky in facing camera on my iphone... I cannot wait to have the Samsung S6 in September! It is amazing :)

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After I had woken up I was scrolling through Facebook when my cousin Rachel posted this of Elleree & Emeree! Two of my baby cousins! I revamped it a tad bit & such then posted it myself on Instagram! I love these two sweet little girls even if I do not always get to see them a lot! I even love their cute little outfits how adorable..

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After I posted that photo of the girls I then went & got ready for the day! I was meeting up with Tess at the park to go walking & even got to spend some time with her mini me! Titus barely had his eyes open he was just not a fan of the sun lol... It was a very hot day for us ladies & little man outside but we all 3 loved getting to spend a few hours outside!

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