Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter This Year

I hope each & every one of you sweet ladies had an amazing day today!

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 I found the cutest thing on Pinterest & if I was a lady whom loved breakfast I so would have fixed this however, sadly I just am not a breakfast girl... But is this not the cutest?

Miss Colleen and I will try this tomorrow morning!!!

Today was a busy day for some of my family & I...  This was our day:
1. Had lunch with Madre & Aunt Joyce
2. Josh & I seen each other for a bit
3. Went & done the county wide egg hunt with Aunt Joyce, Madre, Aunt Shirley, Cousin Kendall, & one of her friends
4. Went & seen Insurgent with Madre & Aunt Joyce.. It was amazing by the way
5. Dinner
6. Called it a night & passed out

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