Thursday, May 15, 2014

Breathtaking Golden Isles

For those of you whom know me at all you know that to me Georgia is the place I call home too me! I miss Georgia something awful & one day when I am married I hope that my husband & I can move their once again to raise our children! That is if I do not move back before then...

Nestled between Georgia & Florida lies Brunswick along with four barrier islands: St Simons, Sea Island, Little St Simons, & Jekyll Island. I love how historic Brunswick is & I swear I could stay there all day snapping some photos! As far as barrier islands go come on now let's be honest whom would not like to enjoy each one of these special little places? There is so much too do & tons of photos waiting to be taken...


St Simons

Sea Island

Little St Simons

Jekyll Island

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Kate said...

Georgia is home to me, too. Absolutely love St. Simons and Jekyll. One of the most beautiful beaches I've seen!

Katie Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! I haven't spent much time in Georgia, we've always headed down to FL, but now I want to visit all of these places!

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh. Those pictures are gorgeous.