Wednesday, May 14, 2014

So What

So what that on Sunday evening I decided to see on my little blog whom still blogged verses whom didn't that I followed! The total was 67 that either no longer blogged or went to private which I clearly was not invited too sadly...
 So with that how do I delete blogs I once followed that is now private or no longer blogs? Can you ladies help me out? No point of keeping their blogs on my things when one I cannot see it any longer or two I can see but they no longer blog so no point to keep it right?

So what that this week will be the longest work week for awhile starting tomorrow! I just gotta make it through this work week until next Thursday & I will then be Florida bound! 

So what that I already wanna go back to the beach in September for Taste of the Beach! Can you blame me? I love the beach what can I say plus being able to sample good food makes it all the better :) 

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scrapperjen said...

Ahhhh the beach! That bums me out when people make their blog private... Come follow me! ;)
I will have to look up how to delete your blog list.