Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things I Am Lovin

I am loving my new Chevron dress! Is it not adorable?
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I am loving that daddy & I had a father/daughter day in Nashville on Friday! It was so much fun getting to shop with him & I love him for being so patient with his girlie girl daughter whom happens to love shopping :)

I am also loving my other new dress I got & daddy was sweet enough to take a photo of me in it..
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I am loving all my goodies that I got from Victoria Secret... I know I already have enough bras & undies from there but I mean come on what's a few more? Us ladies need options right?However when I went I didn't find the normal ones I bought as far as undies so I came home without new ones.. Oh but on the bright side I bought a bathing suit too as if I didn't have 2 new ones already this one made my 3rd...
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I love that after we finished shopping daddy let me go to one of my favorite places to eat which was Famous Daves! I love their barbecue pork & barbecue chicken...I am so thankful  that daddy loves barbecue as much as me :)
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Yes I am an adult
Yes I still call my father daddy & always will
Yes he spoils me still at 25 & that is ok
Yes I still make tons of time for him & I to spend together because one day I wont have him in my life & all I will have is the memories that I will get to cherish of our time we was allowed together! 
Oh & yes I am daddy's girl in case you haven't noticed yet :) 

Lugnut got a bath & that sweet boy was super cuddly afterwards! I just love how sweet he is! He may not be mine but I could steal him & keep him all the time I so would believe me..
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I am loving my new foam pillow with cooling agents in it.. Hello comfy & soft! Best of both worlds if you ask me...

I am loving that I got to have breakfast with Beth on Saturday! It was nice getting to spend a few hours catching up!
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Katie Elizabeth said...

Loving your chevron dress! And there is no such thing as TOO much VS in my opinion :)