Friday, May 16, 2014

Sweet Letters

Destin Florida:
We are finally in the single digits before we meet! I am so beyond excited to have my toes in the sand.. I love being a water baby! I hope you are ready for me Florida..

Pensacola Florida:
I already want to come see you in September for Taste of the Beach! I know you will have so many fun things to do but also you will have plenty of goodies to try which makes me even more excited! Hello to trying new foods! All I need to do is talk a few of my friends into coming to see you! Think I will succeed? Fingers crossed that I do!

Outer Banks NC:
I did not know that you also did a Taste on the Beach! I want to come to you as well.. Goodness all these fun events makes me wanna move to the beach!  You have done passed for this year but I can always plan you for 2015! That is something to look forward to in the new year right? 

Jacksonville Florida:
I want to come down there in June to go to Country Superfest! I love all the performers whom are performing..  Ugh so sad my time in Florida will end almost 2 weeks before you happen! Next year I will plan better & see you during the Country Superfest...

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Katie Elizabeth said...

Love Destin! We went there 2 years ago for Spring Break and had the best time!! Can't wait to hear about your trip :)