Saturday, July 27, 2013

Race Time In Manchester

Race days are a tad bit crazy especially the spur of the moment ones, when nothing is ready to go! That means frenzy time of lets rush & make sure we make it on time which leads to a whole lot of speeding in the diesel, especially when location is 2 hours away from the house..

Today would happen to be one of those crazy days! We was suppose to meet up with a few friends for dinner & drinks as well as see a movie but instead Jeremy last minute decided hey I wanna go race 2 hours away from here! That is time manageable right? Wrong! 

We packed up the gear & headed out! It was a nice day to have windows down so we did just that.. It was nice to see the country views even if they did seem to come & go awful fast! We made it on time at least! Jeremy seems to be good at making it on time even if we seem to think we will be late.. 

Arrival to the track was interesting! It was nothing like I expected it too be! I knew this was going to be an interesting night to say the least & let me just say it was for the record! Nothing started on time & payout to win was awful.. They really need to learn how to organize things at this track in Manchester! 

Jeremy won 1st place & I was proud of him! But there was only 6 racers total. I guess the others was smart & all stayed home! On a good night of 4 wheeler racing there is at least 20 or more racing! This track which reminded me of wrong turn I was more then ready to leave & for us to go home! 

Anything really at this point would have been better if you ask me! This place in Manchester was a joke.. It might have actually been more fun if it had been some kind of horror woods or something at least then I would have been busy verses bored.

Two hours later after leaving the track we finally had made it back home! I for one especially was glad to be in our own bed! It was nice to know that Jeremy too was glad & said we would not be going back there! I was thrilled to hear those words come from his mouth!

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