Friday, July 26, 2013

Sweet Letters

Last night I enjoyed our night & time together! It was good getting to catch up over dinner then afterwards going to the fair to enjoy some time together as well! I think this is the first year we have went that we did not take photos together. To some degree that is a little saddening! She did not take a photo of her food but I did! See how yummy it looks :)

I enjoyed our time together we had on Tuesday night at the fair. It was nice to have a just us night.. It really reminded me of when I was little & you would take to ride any of the rides I wanted which was pretty much all of them! Too bad now I just get sick on them all :(  I love you too the moon & back!

Babe I enjoyed being able to watch you race on Wednesday night! It was exciting for me to see you do something you love & are passionate about! I am so proud of you for placing 1st not once but twice that night! You rocked it babe! I love you..

I am so blessed to be able to enjoy you being in my life! You are a bundle of joy at your age! I loved sharing time with you at the fair on Wednesday night! Seeing you be such a child is the sweetest most precious thing to me! I loved watching those eyes of yours light up.. Love you sweet girl!

Gracy & Addison:
You two are like the little sisters I never had so I absolutely enjoy every single moment of spoiling you both as well as time with you two! It was good to watch you two sweet girls at the fair on Wednesday! I am beyond blessed to be able to enjoy & watch you two grow up now & in years to come! I love you both..

Crossfire Series:
I finished you in a matter of 6 days that is a grand total of 2 days per book! I was addicted to you to say the least.. I thought their was only 3 of you but to my shockingly reveal there are another of you that will be releasing soon! I had promised myself to wait for all 3 books to come out which I did only to be done with book 1 when I found out there would be a 4th but by then it was too late I had done been sucked in wanting to read more & more of you! I am now waiting for book number 4 too release & I am not good at this whole waiting game! So please hurry up! I wanna hear more about Eva & Gideon!

Alicia & Jeremy:
Alicia I love you! You have for so long now always been more of sister to me then a best friend.. Daddy even thinks of you as his daughter just as he does Amanda whom is not his either! I have two best friends & I could not be more blessed by you both! I am excited to take photos of you & your Jeremy on Sunday! I still cannot believe that we both have Jeremy's too funny.. I hope you love how they turn out :) & I cannot wait for the next two months to hurry along so I can do the maternity ones of you & baby Liam! He needs to hurry up & grow I am so beyond ready to meet him in November! I am gonna spoil him rotten! 

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