Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Little Bit Of Fun

On Thursday Alicia & I had a busy day to say the least.. We had to go by work to pick up checks & I had to put in my two week notice. Afterwards it was off to do some errands! We then stopped to pick up drinks because it was scorching hot outside plus we needed to go on a brisk walk! After our walk we stopped by Food Lion because little miss pregnant Alicia decided she needed a cake & icing to snack on with our dinner. 

Our dinner was across the buildings to Casa Mexicana where we took our birthday cake into! Birthday cake you ask? Yea well that just so happened to be the only cake she wanted because it had some kind of special icing she liked so we went with!

Our waiter was awesome & he had the whole group come out & sang to her for her fake birthday & of course she got pie to the face & a cute little dessert to go along with the blue Mexicana hat.. After we cut the cake we realized it was chocolate & neither of us like chocolate cake so we didnt eat the cake just the icing from 4 pieces the the rest we sent back to the waiters so they could all enjoy it too! Aren't we sweet girls?

We had never laughed so hard but it was so much fun! We enjoyed it.. Here is a few photos from the night..

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