Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pageant Time

One would believe that a life of glamorous hair & make-up, beautiful gowns & sparkling tiaras would be every young girls dream. Sadly though its not! Some love it & some hate it! That is how it will always be..

I grew up doing pageants my whole entire life & I think they instilled me to have confidence & it gave me such a poise to have! I enjoyed getting the royal treatment as I always called it growing up.. I got to get dolled up & getting dolled up was right up my alley! 

Now that I am older I miss being in beauty pageants but I now have my friends daughters & baby cousins whom are in them & I get the joy & pleasure of being able to walk them down the little isles! So for me beauty pageants have new meanings to me now to enjoy but I love every single moment of it! 

I enjoyed being able to walk Alyssa in her pageant & she done so good! She got top 12 & that is pretty good out of 30.. I do not expect them to win but if they do that is great! I just want them to have fun & learn to be confident & have faith in themselves that they are worth it & can do what ever they put their minds too!

Here are a few photos from the night!

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