Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Alexandria Fair

My main enjoyment at the fair when I was younger was the fair rides & junk food of course. It was a view filled with wonderment & awe. The screams fading in & out as people was thrown to the air by the rickety rides! 
I remember always being the little monkey that was always up for a new challenge when it came to the rides! I always said the higher the better! I was never scared when it came to the rides! I felt as though I could conquer it all.. Going upside down in them was all so exciting & wonderful I loved the thrill that came with riding those certain rides!
Jeremy had to race tonight at the Alexandria Fair so we took Madison with us! We knew she would want to ride some of the rides! Also Michael brought Addison & Gracy so that made it even more fun for Madison! 
Before Jeremy was too race I took the girls to go get arm bands & left the boys to enjoy some alone time together! The girls was thrilled! I think now being older the biggest joy for me is seeing the little ones get so wide eyed with twinkle in their eyes that I once had as a child their age!
Once armbands was placed on the girls was ready to go ride as many rides as they could before I told them we had to head back over to see Jeremy & few friends race! We managed a total of 4 rides before heading over to see the boys race!
Good luck kisses was given & the boys was out to the arena! I am blessed to say that my main squeeze got 1st place in both the races! I was so very proud of him. I have always loved watching him race whether he is racing his 4 wheeler or race car! Both are very enjoyable..
Once the boys had finished the races the girls & I headed off to ride some more rides! Within an hour it was rounding 10 at night & Michael came to get Gracy & Addison to take them home! 
Since Jeremy was still putting up the race gear & such as well as talking to the guys whom he had raced with which to us is several friends that left Madison & I alone to enjoy some quality time together! 
We rode several more rides for the next hour & as the clock struck 11 Jeremy came to join us! As we finished up our last ride we decided we all needed some homemade lemonade, funnel cake & deep fried oreas of course! I loved that Madison loved homemade lemonade as much as her daddy & I did! 
Once we had said our goodbyes to friends we loaded up in the truck & headed back home! Once we finally got home & showers was taken it was time for us all 3 to get some much needed shut eye! Madison was tucked into bed with kisses & hugs given then Jeremy & I tucked ourselves into bed to cuddle up & get some much needed rest! 
All in all it was wonderful night which brought back tons of memories of my childhood as well as Jeremy's childhood! I loved sharing these little moments with two important people in my life! It was the smallest little fair I have ever seen but it was so enjoyable to me & my little family :)

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