Friday, June 14, 2013

Sweet Letters

I love waking up next to you! I could not imagine it any other way.. You are my perfect other half! I love all the time I am able to spend with you always..

I am glad Jeremy had you Wednesday! I enjoyed being able to take you swimming after I had gotten off work! Its nice to just have you & me time.. Of course I do love the time I can spend with Hudson & Jeremy involved too..

Tay Tay: 
I love you sweet cousin of mine! I still cannot believe that you are 14 it feels like you should be so much younger.. I am glad that I was able to spend yesterday with you! It was nice getting to enjoy time at the lake & @ our favorite place hello Starbucks..

Cotton Candy Frappe:
Thank you for being wonderful! I tried you Thursday & you tasted amazing.. You are my new favorite drink!

I am so excited to be seeing you tomorrow! Jeremy, Mads, & I are coming to play! I am so ready to ride rides & eat some dipping dots.. I also am pretty excited that I get to spend the whole day with two of my favs the only one missing is sweet baby Hudson! Please somehow do some magic & make Jeremy wanna take photos please & thank you! His sister requested tons upon tons of photos...

Jeremy & Daddy:
Happy Father's Day Sunday! You both are amazing... To my sweet man I love you & I am so thankful to see you be an amazing father to Mads & Hudson.. You are great with them! If someday we choose to get married & have more kids I know you will be just as amazing with them.. To my sweet loving daddy! Thank you for a wonderful 24 years of my life.. You have been my life saver more times then I can count! You know every little thing about me & I am so beyond blessed & lucky to be your daughter! I know if you read this you would say no you was the lucky one & you are but I way more lucky..  I love that both you are important to me!


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