Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Hudson:
I love that I can make you giggle.. You have the sweetest little laugh & grin! You are so very precious & the spitting image of dada.. However it is hard to capture you in the moment because as soon as you see the phone you completely stop & your sole focus is on the phone only.. I am sure in your little mind you are saying hey could I see that thing you have there so I can play & slobber all over it? I know you are always using it to flash a bright light in my face.. which is true I do use it to take photos of you all the time but I cannot help it!

Dear Niece/Nephew:
I finally got to see a picture of you.. You are so tiny still but you are growing! You are still in the first trimester & will continue to be for 3 more weeks! Oh & you are now the size of a Prune but you wont stay that size for long because within the next 3 weeks you will double. I love you so much already & here within the next 3 weeks we will be able to see what you are so please be sweet & let us see your gender! Here is your photo..

Dear House:
I want you.. You are too cute on the outside! Best part is the fact that you are for sale yay :)

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Jen Blackman said...

You should make this a link up ! (: Love these kinds of posts.