Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweet Letters

Dear Jeremy
I love you hunny & I am beyond thankful for you not just today but every single day. I know since yesterday you have been busy with races & will continue to do so until sometime next week! I am missing you none the less... Sleeping in bed is just not the same when I go to bed alone without you in it or if I wake up & cannot feel you next to me! I am a tad bit spoiled & too use to us going to bed at the same time together always! I also miss our nightly cuddles on the couch before bed when we just relax & watch a movie or two.. I love the little things with us!  I know you are loving all these races going on & I love that you love it but I am not gonna lie I will be one happy girl when we get back to our normal routine :) 

Dear Mads
Sweet girl I hope you get to feeling better soon! I know you already feel better then you did Wednesday but bless your heart I feel bad that you could not hold nothing down & kept throwing up! Boo to stomach bugs... I know they are awful to say the least! Love you sweet girl!

Sweet Blog Girls
A few of you sweet ladies have asked me for the recipes too my Cajun Burgers & Margarita Chicken so this weekend I am going to be posting those recipes for you sweet girls so please make sure to check out the blog this weekend if you was one of my sweet ladies that asked for them :) I thought posting them on the blog would be easier then trying to email each of you separately! Hope that is OK & works...

Sweet Niece/Nephew
You are still growing & I am a happy aunt about that! You are now the size of a lime! You only have two more weeks left staying in the 1st trimester! But I am even more excited that come this time next week we can find out what you are if you are sweet & work with us :) So please be sweet & show us your goodies! I wanna be able to call you either a niece or a nephew & soon after that actually call you by your sweet name that my brother & Jaranda decide on for you :) Love you sweet baby..

White House Down
I really wanna see you but I know the hunny wants to see Now You See Me first... I am excited to see both none the less! You look good & I cannot wait for us to watch you in theater!

Now You See Me
The hunny & I will be seeing you Sunday so please be good! I know for previews we love what you are showing us so please let the rest of your movie be just as good as the small preview portions! 

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