Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Weekend Update

Weekends from Spring to Fall around here involve races for my man & the guys! Of course us ladies go & watch as much as we can! But let's be honest it's not something that we enjoy as much as our men do..

This past weekend the boys was too race at Bull's Gap & Clarksville. Saturday was Bull's Gap while Sunday was Clarksville. 

On Saturday morning we all left at 10:30! The drive down was about 2 hours. Since they are an hour ahead of us we arrived a little before 2 there time. It was without a doubt a hot day outside! 

Now most of the time I love when the kids go but not on this day! Mads was so fussy to say the least... We had forgot to pack things for her to do which I know made it worse but even us adults was so miserable outside that it made it hard not to be a little hateful or get easily irritable. 

It was a well lesson learned called next time double check things twice over to make sure every bag needed is packed in the truck & ready to go!

Once the sun went down it felt decent outside & was not so bad plus the races had started which helped Mads not be so fussy which we was thankful for! I am sure she was thankful too that we was not too fussy with her as well..

Overall the night turned out great! We arrived back home our time around 2 in the morning but that was with the boys dropping Mads & I back off at the house. They still had to go wash the race car so that it would be ready to race tomorrow! Jeremy did not get home until 4:30 in the morning bless him! I know he was tired..

Sunday we was able to sleep in which was nice! We did not have to leave until around 1:30 in the evening to head to races! It was without a doubt a scorcher outside again but we knew eventually it would cool down once the sun had gone! 

The races went good but to no fail it was eventful none the less! Just a typical race weekend though.. The kids did better on Sunday but they did not come until after the sun came down which made it easier I know! 

After races was over packing everything up begin & by the time we got home it was 4 in the morning.. I had to be up & leaving for work by 6 so needless to say I was so tired at work on Monday.. 4 in the evening could not come fast enough for me so that I could pass out & keep my much needed sleep that I so very badly wanted! 

Over all though I loved my weekend.. It was tons of fun & we all enjoyed ourselves :) I wish I had taken more photos but I was too busy trying to film the races for the boys so they could watch themselves to see how they could improve so here is the only 3 photos I took all weekend no lie & if you know me you know how crazy that is because I am always one to take tons of photos..

The last photos is of the moon & how close to the earth it is. It will not be this close to the earth again for another 25 years... Crazy huh?

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