Sunday, June 16, 2013

Dollywood Trip

Dollywood is a theme park owned & named by Dolly Parton & It is located in Pigeon Forge. It is organized by 8 theme areas. 

1. "Show Street" It introduces the park with eating places, sweet shops, or you can see live shows at Show Street Palace & Dolly Theater.
2. "Timber Canyon" It is mine themed & here you can find Mystery Mine, Thunderhead, Timber Tower, Lumberjack Lift, River Battle, & Little Logger Landing
3. "Adventures in Imagination" is where you find the wilderness tour & Chasing Rainbow Museum.
4. "Jukebox Junction" Here you can find Rocking Roadway or just enjoy a 50's theme area.
5. "Rivertown Junction" Here is where you can find a replica of Dolly's home which entails hand blown glass, & craft places.
6. "Country Fair" If you have small kids here is where you wanna be! It will remind you of a carnival for tots...
7. "The Village" If you wanna jump all aboard then here is where you need to be to find the train which takes you 4 miles around Dollywood. Not only will you find the train located here but you can find the carousel, magic trick show, & Heart Song Theater. 
8. "Craftsman Valley" is the oldest & largest part of Dollywood & just keeps growing. You can find rides such as Tennessee Tornado, The Wild Eagle, Blazing Fury, Wooden Coaster & a few more! As well you can see the Bald Eagle sanctuary, the chapel, & the falls here as well..

It always is way busier during the summer months but a little trick is if you go late @ night its not so bad or during the week day as well is a better time to go! Best thing to know also is that if you go after 3 pm you automatically can go back for free the next day for the whole day! How great is that? 

Now that you all know a little bit about Dollywood here is our trip there for the day! 

Jeremy, Madison & I left the house around 10:15 in the morning but with pit stops & such & their time being an hour faster we arrived around 2 in the evening to Dollywood. 

Once there we parked in section F which our trolley said was for friendly..why yes we was friendly! How did they know? They did a good job..

The temperature for the day was about 98 which was not too awfully bad but it would have been nice if it had been cloudy instead of so sunny! All in all though it was a great day! We all 3 enjoyed our time together. The lines was not too bad either but I am sure that was part to do with it was Father's Day weekend which helped our case a lot! 

After our long day ended & we closed the park down at 9 in the evening we headed over to Hooter's... I really wanted Fuddrucker's however it would have been closed by the time we would have made it too it sadly. 

Hooter's was good but we all 3 was tired & beyond ready to head home to the house. We arrived back home around 2 in the morning. I think it was safe to say that we all 3 was happy to be home to sleep..

Here are some photos of the day :) Enjoy! 

All in all it was a great trip & we are ready to go back & hit up Splash Country now :)
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