Monday, June 10, 2013

Late Model Race Night

Saturday night after getting back from running in Color The Curve my man had races in Burnside Kentucky @ Lake Cumberland Speedway! 

I was excited to be able to see him race because I know how much he loves it! Jeremy & Michael races late models! Each weekend they always go somewhere different so they are always learning new ways & tricks..

Saturday was a bad night however to race where we did! It was almost like a bad omen from the very beginning! wanna know how! Well here you go! 
1. We left late to head to the races
2. A tire came off on the way there
3. Michael's dry shaft broke on the car after he did a few heat laps! Which landed him not being able to race the rest of the night
4. Jeremy wrecks & his car gets demolished (granted it was not his fault) The guy whom was suppose to slow down decided to ignore the caution light & hit Jeremy going really fast crashing into the whole front)
5. Another wreck happened with a completely different car
6. Another dry shaft came off someone else car
7 another wreck again  & this time the guy went to the hospital..
See how I say it was just a bad omen all together? Gosh it was a bad crazy eventful night! 

There was 8 of us whom went to the races: Mike, Marty, Michael, Addison, Jason, Jeremy, Madison, & I...

During the races we had fun even with all the eventful evening craziness! I kept an eye on Mads & Addison while also taking photos of the boys... Marty ran around trying to find things & keep track of scheduling stuff while the boys was busy working on the cars & racing them! 

However I am not going to lie the scary part for me was when my man got hit! I was terrified & in that moment that then reminded me of why I only go every so often! What girlfriend wants to see her man get hurt? Not me! I had to calm down mads since she was worried about her daddy & I had to pretend that everything was fine for her sake but deep down I was worried! I was glad to see my man climb out of that car & walk.. It was a sigh of relief for me & everyone else! 

At the end of the night we made it home around 2 in the morning & I was never more excited to crawl into bed with my man & get some sleep after we put Mads to sleep! I was happy to have him beside me in one piece! He however took a good beating don't get me wrong but it was not bad enough that he needed a hospital & so for that I was thankful! 

Here are the photos from Saturday night.. Enjoy!

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