Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl...

Amanda Dawn today is your 22nd birthday. I am beyond happy for you on this special day :) You are my best friend & I am beyond lucky to have you in my life! I know you do not have a blog however I know that you know that I have a blog & will be able to get on the computer & look @ this so here you go! I know you live in Georgia which is 2 hours away from me & I hate it every single day! I miss Georgia but I am beyond thankful that I get to come down & see you & all my friends whenever I want or rather as much as I have time off from work anyway! 

So back to today! I cannot believe that you are 22! It does not seem real & you make me feel even older then before boo! Ugh still cannot believe I will be 24 this year in September! Wanna trade with your best friend??? I have wished you a Happy Birthday all day I do believe but you know you love it because its from me :) I am so glad to have you get your pretty card & such! I know you are gonna love it to pieces! & yes ladies you get to see the card. I am gonna post it here in a few minutes or better yet I will go ahead now :)

(Front of her birthday card) Very appropriate for us :)

(Inside of her card) It took me forever to pick this card out :) I love it!

She had another cute message that I also wrote her inside but I did not take a picture of it but its just my way of wording how happy I am to have such an amazing best friend & to be able to share moments like this with her :) I asked her to send me 4 pictures: one of her by herself, one of her & Nick whom she married back in December, then two pictures total of the two fur babies aka holly & Hayden! Let me start by saying she does not take pictures at all what so ever. Its like fighting her tooth & nail for them no joke! So I found a few that I had however I can not resist showing you the pictures that she sent me & I will explain each one after the pic hehe! you ladies will laugh I promise I know I did... Gotta love her though! 

( I know this was from the wedding so It was an actual picture however Amanda Dawn took it with her phone lol from the actual picture is my guess) See why you gotta love her... That was her & Nick on their wedding day! Which I was so happy to be at & share with them both!

( Hayden & Holly) Super blurry I know she actually took this one but its not the best of the two sweet loving furr children!

(Another one on her wedding day yet it was so taken with her phone afterwards lol)

Ok sweet ladies please tell me those made you laugh as much as they did me! If not its ok too! Any hoo!

Amanda, I am beyond thankful that you are the best friend I always wanted! You have always been there for me & I for you! Today is your day & I cannot express enough how special you are no means or bounds can measure the love you give, or the care that you show not to just me but to all those in your life. You truly have a heart of gold & even when others do you wrong you never do wrong back & that is true courage I so wish I could be more like you always! 

Over the years you have became more then just a best friend but also like a sister too me! I love it & not only have you became like a sister too me but another daughter to my daddy! He always says he has two girls which are you & me! He loves you just as much as I do & I know you love him too! He was so blessed that you wanted him to be apart of your special day back in December I even remember him saying the only next thing better will be when we both are at my wedding with you up their by my side as my maid of honor! I love you sweet girl & so does daddy :)

Close your eyes & wish that wish on your special day today & may all those wishes come true for you sweet girl. however I do request one simple wish & that is too always remain friends with you. Your friendship is important to me, the fun we have, the laughter we share, the sadness as well all remain secure in my heart & every moment of us I will always & forever treasure!

Happy Birthday Amanda Dawn Cohagen! I love you!

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