Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Farm Life...

Let me just start by saying that today it is 104 degrees outside! It is a scorcher to say the least, & it only keeps getting hotter by Friday of this week it will be up to 108 degrees! I think I hear the lake calling my name very very loudly... Me & one of my girls are gonna go riding for a bit later on tonight once it cools down so I thought I would share some farm life pictures as seeing it fit :) 

Farm life can be amazing! So much goes on all hours, & it can be great entertainment to say the least... Farm life however starts very early of a morning way too early for my liking but others love it! I can think of several things that I love most about farm life that you could not have in a city. Such as a morning cup of orange juice, apple juice, or coffee while sitting in the rockers on the front porch which seems to wrap around all areas of the house, evening walks through the crisp fields, & even seeing all the new life that is born! However for me I love Savannah Georgia, its the best of both worlds! You can have a piece of farm life with you yet also that part of city life you so long for! I want to live there & raise my children there :)

I love all the fresh air, wide open space, peaceful & natural sounds you can smell, see & hear on a farm! Hands down nothing better. My favorite time of the year on the farm is Fall! I love when all the leaves change in the meadows & you see pretty colors for miles & miles & enjoy riding the horses for the majority of the day :) Best place to carve pumpkins, take pictures, make new memories & much more! I love how you can be on the horses & hear the leaves crumble underneath the paws of the horses as you ride them fiercely! The leaves appear to be turning, twisting,  & dancing all around you as you ride! Do you have a favorite time of year while on the farm? or a special moment you will always remember for forever? If so I would love to hear it :)


horse farm



Anonymous said...

Growing up I just knew I would live in the city when I grew up, but then I fell in love with a cowboy and my whole world changed. I love living on our farm in the country!

Rodger said...

“I love all the fresh air, wide open space, peaceful & natural sounds…” – Sounds wonderful! Living in a farm indeed has its charm. Every morning, you will be greeted by an amazing view and spectacular lush surroundings. And every season is a fun season in the farm. You can do a lot of fun activities like raising your own veggies and taking care of these amazing animals. What’s not to love, right?

Rodger Ciliberto