Friday, February 24, 2012

State Fair Goodies!

When most of us think of fairs or state fairs we think they last 1 to 2 week no more no less. I never knew that in bigger cities they actually last ten times longer. For example Texas state fair last for a grand total of 25 days WOW then after Texas Minnesota, & Ohio come in next... & the best part is how competitive they are with competitions. They have awards for their food vendors & they all come up with new things each year... How neat is that? I know for me when I go to the fair a must have is homemade lemonade & corn dog! What is your must haves?

Foods served at the fairs:

  • deep fried oreos
  • corn dogs
  • deep fried pickles
  • deep fried green tomatoes
  • deep fried twinkies
  • deep fried s'mores
  • deep fried lemonade
  • deep fried butter
  • deep fried banana
  • deep fried bubble gum
  • alligator on a stick
  • lobster on a stick
  • Candy on a stick deep fried

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