Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So What on this monsoon Wednesday

So what  that I got drenched coming out of work after a 10 hour shift & I bitched. I was tired & the last thing I wanted was to be soaking wet....

So what if I could not see but two feet in front of me so I was not a happy camper

So what that I am to exhausted to wanna cook for me & the hunny. Looks like we will be eating out better yet ordering in sounds even better at this point!

So what that I really am not liking this extra leap year day so far it has sucked. I got stuck working a 10 hour shift, monsoon outside,soaking wet, thunderstorm warnings until all hours of the night hmm wonder why I hate this extra day?

So what that I am more then ready to end this work week, I got a lot of plans for this weekend & they cannot start until after I get off Friday evening from work... 

So what that me n the gang have been making plans for our camping trip coming up. We cannot wait its going to be so much fun :)

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Karen said...

Sorry to hear that your leap day wasn't so great. And I hope that the weather gets better for you soon. Just visiting from "So What Wednesday" :)