Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Gifts Perhaps!

As we all know Christmas is approaching fast!
Sadly it will be here all too soon & its creeping up on us :(
I am without a doubt a girlie girl!
& this girlie girl loves jewelry....
I found some of the cutest pieces of jewelry ever!
I would love to have them in my jewelry collection
I mean who would not wanna add new pieces from time to time...
Here is some of the cutest pieces that I love & want :)

Pinned Image
I would love to have this piece... I love the custom made part of this bracelet. It would be so cute & adorable & most of all it would have meaning in the carving :)

Pinned Image
All girls love diamonds! I know I do :) I also love this ring because its got my birthday stones in it as well :) In my eyes that makes this ring a keeper :)

Pinned Image
I love these! They would be super cute for fall & since I normally am dressy these are perfect for me :) can you say me want....

Pinned Image
This would go cute with a fall outfit love this :)

Pinned Image
You could dress this up or down depending what outfit you wanted to wear.... I would wear it non stop I do believe its just so cute...

Ladies could you see yourself wearing any of these? If so which ones? If not why not? Would love to hear your thoughts on these cute little things:)

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