Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Love

Me and MJ over at Teaching in heels are linking up in this cute Valentine's Survey

1. What is your favorite romantic comedy? 

This is my favorite of all time I was so glad to see it finally on dvd bc of course I went out and bought it i mean how could you not. It dont get much better then this. I love how they fell in love

2. What are your favorite flowers?

i have several :) I love Iris, crazy daisy's and crazy roses

3. What is your favorite Valentine's Day treat to eat?

I absolutely love love love chocolate covered strawberries they are so delish

4. Describe your best Valentine's Day.

I cannot think of a favorite one right off the top of my head bc I have has several that have been so amazing and so very very wonderful that I could not choose between them at all to say the least

5. What has been the most romantic night of your life?

When one of my ex and I was on the beach walking it late at night when no one else was around we walked by the moonlight bc it was a full moon and wached as the waves came up and hit our feet as we walked along the water edge while holding hands and then sat down as we watched the sunrise

6. What's your go to date night outfit?

Mine would be a nice fancy dolled up dress like i usually wear with pretty highheels as well as matching jewelry with a cute handbag to match

7. Where is your favorite place to go on a date?

I would say for me it has to be Chilies only bc that is the first date Brent and I ever went on together and that is where we decided to go. It always brings back sweet memories of our first date I can still tell you exactly where we both were sitting at together on that special day. I love recapping our memories together always

8. Store bought Valentine's or homemade?

I am going to say homemade without a dout only bc something homemade has more thought and effort put into it verses just buying it from somewhere

9. What is your favorite love song?

Who Are You When Im Not Looking by Blake Shelton
Dont You Wanna Stay by Jason Aldean
and many many more Brent and I have so many


Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

Great answers!!! Thanks so very much for linking up

Ashleigh Nichole said...

you are welcome. I love doing things like this. I could probably do them all today to be quite honest. Thank you for putting it up :)