Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scarlett and I had a long day and now r exhausted

     Ok so I know that it is no longer Monday and It is now Tuesday but I have had no time up until now to write on here so I guess you could say better late then never right... I mean its better then nothing at all I will have to say...

     Yesterday my sweet baby cousin Scarlett threw a fit bc she wanted to come home with me but she was staying with her daddy and he would not let her and I also had to work for a few hours so I promised her that I would pick her up after work and let her come stay the night with me and she has finally was satisified with that so I could leave she was all giggles and grins then... I loved picking her up today bc after we had so much fun.

     Scarlett and I went and seen sweet baby Maddie Rae another sweet cousin who is 4 months old she is one of my pride and joys also. Maddie loves other kids and Scarlett loves her some babies no matter whether boys or girls so it made their day. After that we left and went to Burger king which was tons of fun then seen brent my love then watched life as we know it and then to top off our night we got all prissy and pretty we did our hair in curls along with put make on and did our toenails and fingernails she loved it as much as me.. here are some pics from it.

     After all that we watched Pretty lil liers,You're cut off and x life she loved it oh so much as well as me also :)

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