Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Top 2 Things you've learned from your parents or grandparents

I do not even seem to know where to begin at to be quite honest. I have learned so many things from the people in my life. I do not know that I can honestly name just two things.

My parents have taught me so many life lessons but I guess if I really do have to name only one I would have to say that they taught me everything happens for a reason so always take both the good and bad. I agree with them completely, everything truly does happen for a reason. I know that we may not always know the reasons of why something happened or did not happen but in the long run someday we all find out the reason why when its the right moment for us to know the truth. I believe that that everything falls in and out of place to make way for new ones always. I have learned to never take life for granite thanks to this that my wonderful parents have taught me...

My Grannie Dimple always told me that the greatest thing in life is marriage a bond between two people who come together as one and I could not agree more with her on that. Grannie Dimple had a wonderful marriage to her husband  right up until the day he passed away and even after that she still loved him with all her heart until the day that she passed away as well. I hope to have that wonderful marriage in my life someday with kids as well. I want a love that is conditionally between the two of us as a couple and that our love always burns within our hearts for each other. I want to wake up next to the one I love every day and see his sweet face as well as him see mine, I want to cuddle always, love endless with him always, I want so much for the both of us in our life together. 

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