Monday, May 21, 2012

My Randoms!

I know at times I have very random post & I am so sorry for that however, some things just do not fit into a category sadly! Sorry ladies please forgive me :) I know I have more to post today & before you ask no they are not random yay they are normal post! I will have graduation post of cousins I have been to 4 within the past week ugh crazy right! Hope you all enjoy those later so be looking for them :) love you ladies! I also have a post near  & dear to my heart which Ashley helped me with so It will also be posted soon too! Thanks sweet ladies!

This is so for Crystal bc we have matching dresses & her & I still need to do a post together boo I wish we lived closer so we could do an actually picture together! I hate when I meet such great blog girls whom I become friends with & we do not live close together :( I guess that just means a trip lol! & let's just be honest trips are always nice :) 

My new orange top which can be for Vols or Gators depending on which bow & accesories I use with :) love it....

Do not judge me! I had to try these little babies on they was so huge & funny that I could not resist hehe I guess that was my silly moment :)

This picture one of my sweet girls said I needed to be on the cover of magazines for face covers! She totally made my day when she said that! I think I smiled all day long... I love my friends they are the best!
I seen this on my way home from work one day & I could not resist I had to take a picture it was too sweet not too! I love summertime :)

Aunt Joyce & I oh how I love her!

I love these flowers! 

Allibeth & daddy together :) I just love this so so sweet! melts my heart :)

I took this as rain was rollin in :) love it!


Courtney*Cakes said...

Love all the pictures!!! You're so pretty!!!

Crystal Seed said...

That's MY dress!!!!!!!! One of these days I will wear mine and take a pic in it. LOL! We will get it done! I promise!!!! And you are such a sweet girl!!! Thank you for the kind words!

Heather said...

Love the orange top!