Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I'm Lovin!

I am linking up with sweet Jamie over @ This Kind Of Love

I'm Lovin...

1.That Memorial weekend is only but a few days away & I am excited to spend it with some pretty amazing people!

2.SO IN LOVE!  I am loving this oh so much!Actually it may be more then love! I so wanna do this! I would cherish it for forever!

3. I am loving that my cousin is coming in this weekend to visit until Monday night that should be fun! That will call for a night out & I for one vote yes hehe! she will too :) I guess we better make the best of it because she will not be back until the wedding in August :(

4. I have tons of other things to be loving this week however , I will stop because my list would be way too long other wise lol! Hope you all ladies have tons to love :)


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