Saturday, May 26, 2012

Friday Letters...


Normally I link up with sweet Ashley however I am a day late so I am sure that by now her link has closed. I decided to go ahead & post this anyways. A day late is better then not at all right? Any hoo here comes my sweet letters!

Dear was an amazing day! Thank you so much for letting me have so much fun :)

Dear Sunburn... on my rosy red cheeks you hurt please go away! I do not like you not at all.  I rather hate you quite a lot. I  am thankful though that you only burned my cheeks & nothing more :) So I guess thank you for being semi sweet!

 Dear Mom... It is your birthday or rather yesterday was your birthday lol however, I love you & I am beyond thankful for you!  I am glad you had such a great day & I was glad I came & seen you & was able to give you 56  spankings :)

Dear Daddy... your birthday is Tuesday so you will be seeing me then & do not think for one second that I will be any nicer to you then I was to my mother your wife. You as well will be getting some spankings :) I will try to take it easy on you however we will see how well that works :) & if it makes you feel better you at least will not have as many to get you only get 47!

Dear Lake... thank you for being warm its way nicer then you being cold! You see since you are warm I dont grow hairs on my legs again right after I shaved them :) I cannot wait to enjoy you many more times this summer dear lake!

Dear cookout... thank you for all your yummy goodness! You really have made my tummy very happy :) I cannot wait to have more food from you over this weekend. Ps please stay very delish & only get better :)

Dear weekend... you have been amazing so far so please stay that way. You do not end for me until Monday night! When Monday night comes to a close only then can you say your done thank you so far for being so amazing I cannot wait to see what you have left in store for us!

Dear Mastercraft... You have been oh so much & I still get to play on you all weekend long :) I so far have earned a pretty little bruise from you however I do not blame you it was not your fault lucky you. I have loved getting to wake board, knee board, & tube on you! However, by the end I am wore out from you & I need a much needed nap :)

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