Saturday, May 16, 2015

More Catching Up... This Time From Last Week

Ready to play catch up some more? I really need to start getting better about posting again! However, sometimes it is just hard to do sadly. So here is more of my life at a glance lately!

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I thought I liked the low 80 degree weather but hey this one is way much better.. I am one happy lady!

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I had a craving for cherry I guess you could say because it seemed like all I ate one day was Cherry Cobbler while drinking Cherry Slushie! Which need I say was so very yummy...

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I finally got my dress in & I am in love with it :) Is it not just adorable?

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Spent Mother's Day with my madre of course which I loved! 

Mother I know we may not always get along but at the end of the day I still love you so very much & truly am thankful that GOD picked you to be my mother & not someone else! I am glad you had a wonderful day.. Love you!

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We ate at Giovanni's for Mother Day! My mother loves their pizza & everything else... I love it too but the curves to get there are not so much fun! 

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After time spent with mother I had to come home & take a nap! I even felt so tired I stayed in my strapless dress & never even bothered puttin my jammies on.. HEHE!

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Since it has been so nice outside I have spent late evenings outside reading my nook books :)

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Most strawberries I have came across have looked awful & I have refused to by them however, finally I found some one day that looked good & I bought them! Washed them, cute them then ate them for a yummy snack :)

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I have been too 2 funerals only a few days apart one for my family  whom had cancer then one for a friends mother of mine of whom died of a massive heart attack! I hate funerals but these two being so close have not made me love them anymore that is for sure... They never get any easier to go too...

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I attended my cousin's high school graduation but before I done that I went to the marina at the lake to have a nice late lunch with a friend named Dustin whom I hardly get to see! We normally see each other once  every six months sometimes sooner! Thank goodness for texting inbetween then lol..

I also have photos too show from graduation which I will try & post by tomorrow fingers crossed that happens...

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Dustin & I down at Blue Water Grille! We love that place :)

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After graduation ended I did end up at the gym but only to tan & watch this one work out :) I loved my time spent with him even if it was just watching since today was one of my off days from working out...

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