Monday, May 25, 2015

Color Shine 5K Downtown Nashville

Us ladies had so much fun doing the Color Shine in Downtown Nashville on Saturday however, even with it being fun for us there was a lot of downside to this Color Shine Tour!

1. There was only 4 colors that was it normally there is way more!
2. This one was not for a charity & most of them are!
3. It was way to crowded so it was really hard to actually run, we did more walking if truth be told because we could not get past people! That was how many there was..
4. Some took it a little overboard.. For instance people was rolling around in the color! I even almost tripped over one toward the end because of her rolling around on the ground!
5. We didnt even have timers at this one...

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Sorry for our blurry photos! We took the photos from our phones which was covered up in color! Truthfully I am surprised the photos turned out even this good... 

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