Monday, May 4, 2015

Let's Play Catch Up From The Past 2 Weeks

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I am thinking about getting my hair layered like this! I just am in love with all the wiggle work layers... Too cute if you ask me!

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I haven't worn my hair up in forever & one day during these past two weeks I did it up in a french braid.. Cute huh?

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This was dinner from Logan's one night.. Hello yummy goodness! I loved my meal.. Its the only food photo I took during these past 2 weeks hello food photo fail huh!

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I found this cute shirt &  I am beyond in love with it! For everyone who knows me they know I love anchors plus being girlie what girlie girl wouldn't like a bow to go with it? I so am gonna be buying this :)

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This is my cute adorable dress that I bought for Memorial Day & 4th of July this year... Is it not adorable? I am in love with it & cannot wait to wear it!

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Me at Cane Creek one day walking since the weather was so lovely outside! I am happy that its finally getting hot again :)

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A lady can have a lazy night right? If not too bad because I did... Hello lazy movie night.. I loved it :)

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I bought a few new sanitizers! How cute right? I love the scents..

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I love buying goodies at Khols but what was even better is that all these were on sale so I saved around $30 dollars (Score) which that included my $10 dollar gift card 

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I am ready for Memorial Day! Can you tell? Love my new nails :)

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One day after work I was so beyond tired & all I wanted to do was pass out... I could not get into the above jammies fast enough for my happiness!

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I hardly ever want coffee but when I do one of my go to staples is a Cotton Candy Frappe from Starbucks if not that you can find me drinking a Smores Frappe! The other day I craved coffee so coffee is what I got..

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Today it was 80 degrees outside & I was doing a happy dance! I spend the majority of the day outside needless to say :)

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