Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chappie, Warmer Weather, & Gym Time

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I love that I was able to wear a summer dress today! It was 72 degrees & you better believe that this girl was doing a happy dance! oh how I have missed warm weather.. However, what is even better is that is now finally suppose to start staying this warm & only getting even hotter from here wahoo!

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Even though it was warm outside I had been dying to see this little robot movie! I may or may not have mocked him when he said certain things such as: I am chappie, I have book: its mine, & I want to live not die.. Perhaps I would even go as far as to say I really wanted to see it only because of that little robot..

Overall the movie was good but I felt they could have done way better with that little movie.. I can at least say I watched it once at least however if you asked me if I would watch it again my answer would be a no sadly..

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After seeing Chappie I went to the gym to workout.. It was a great workout but afterwards I was plum wore out needless to say! 

I came home afterwards, showered, & then called it a night after I went outside to enjoy the fresh air on the back deck while reading my e book :)

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