Monday, March 2, 2015

50 Shades Of Movie

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Aunt Joyce & I had brunch at I Hop on Sunday right before we left to head to the theater.. We enjoyed our meal.. I ended up with French Toast & Bacon while she had Pancakes & Bacon!

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We finally had time to go see 50 Shades in the theater. Where to begin? First & foremost I was actually surprised at how well Dakota Johnson did playing Anastasia Steele. She actually pulled it off! On to the subject of Jamie Dorian playing Christian Grey I hated it.. He did not pull it off one bit! He is no Christian Grey sorry..

Overall I both loved & hated the movie! To some degree I expected so much more.. I felt as though they left a lot out which they should not have sadly! Oh & too top if off instead of doing three movies they will only be doing two which means they will have to cram book two & three together in the last movie which is set to release in 2016.. Boo!

On a better note I have not stopped playing Ellie Goulding "Love Me Like You Do" which was played in the movie when you seen Ana & Christian get into Charlie Tango! I think I am obsessed with the song... & in case you have not heard it I decided to paste it below :) You are welcome ahead of time hehe! Hope you get addicted to it as much as I have..

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