Friday, March 13, 2015

Dovie's In Kentucky

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Dovie's is a little gem found in Tompkinsville Kentucky! I know the outside & inside may not look like much but they truly have some of the best burgers hands down! They are very juicy, moist, & fall to pieces upon even trying to eat them! 

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How do they fix them you ask? They deep fry them! Crazy? Maybe.. They not only deep fry burgers but hotdogs & bologna as well all served on hamburger buns! You can order things two ways regular or squeezed! When ever I am there for a visit which is not very often sadly I always get mine squeezed!

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While in Kentucky today mother & I stopped at the Walmart there because they do not do sales tax! We needed a few items so we said why not.. While there we ran into one of my cousins & two of her three boys! Sawyer is the oldest but he was not there sadly however, Braxton & Grady was with her so it was nice to see them along with Amy! Braxton wanted a photo so a photo he got! Love his sweet smile.. He is the middle child! He has grown so much since I last got too see him :(

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