Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day For Our Brave Men & Women

I grew up my whole life around military. Several in my family went to war that was what I knew of them & such.. Later in life I ended up being with Charles & he was in the military.  That was what I had known but then for almost 5 years that was what I was apart of. That was just how life was for me! 

Several asked how did you handle it? Well that was all I knew so that was something I learned to cope with years before when younger! It's life you roll with the punches good & bad... Oh & learn to have a lot of faith & trust because you truly will need both of those as well.. 

With that Happy Veterans Day to all those brave men & women whom have served our country past & present! Thank you for your sacrifices to this country..

I did not get out of the house today except to go to the gym & workout afterwards Luke & I rode around in the truck with me getting to hear him sang which I loved. I did however make sure to dress for Veteran's Day in my workout gear... Luke however did not :( He was not having it... No red, white, & blue for him instead it was hello black & grey..

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So I took a video of Luke singing to me.. I loved it! I posted it on Instagram so I broke it up into 2 (15) minute videos & now I am posting it on here enjoy.. I even love how when it talked to me he kept a cute little country accent too dang adorable I gotta love him..

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