Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fall Photos

Last Saturday I drove up to Knoxville to see Sara & Ava. I could not have been more excited that we was gonna have photos done as well. I needed some taken so that when Christmas came around I would have a card to send out. I seem to do it every year, I guess you could say its a tradition I do & several in my family do one as well. We love it plus it is a keepsake that you can keep verses just a plain old card that would be thrown away!

What I was not expecting was that Ava would end up being in most the photos with me. She did not like sitting on the back burner in that stroller one bit so once I went over to her & she moved her little hand in sign language which meant get me I could not resist! I had to pick her up! I am blessed however that she ended up being in the photos with me! We ended up getting some amazing photos & these I will cherish for the rest of my life..

I know that Ava is not my real niece & for those who have followed me for quite sometime know that as well but you also know that to me it does not matter. Sara has been apart of my life as a friend for as long as I can remember now & its only natural that her daughter is as well.. I am auntie Ashleigh to her & always will be & I am 100% perfectly fine with that! Its not always about blood its about how much you love that person & I truly love Ava & Sara. 

One day when I have little's of my own Sara can then be called Auntie Sara by them & before you ask yes I am fine with that as well. My babies can have as much love as my friends & family want to give them! More love the better if you ask me...

During these photos Sara took the ones I am in & the ones I am not in I took. Once finished I went through edited & cropped them all.. They turned out amazing we did great team work!

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Robin said...

I definitely agree that not having a biological relation does not mean you aren't family. There are people who are biologically related to me, but are NOT family. Family is about love and how you treat people.