Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things Men Do That Drive Us Women Crazy..

1. Too much boy not enough man!
At some point its time to grow up & ditch the childish shirts! It drives us women crazy when we have to remind you men to dress like a grown up. Take care to look good & dress well, no girl wants a sloppy mess & more importantly, act like one. There is without a doubt a place & time  for having fun & being childlike,  but the refusal to grow up & be responsible is a very tough pill to swallow for us women, whom do want a mature man with some sense of direction..

2. When we are texting & then I call him & he don't answer!
I clearly know he has his phone especially if we had been texting so just pick up the phone already..

3. When he leave that toilet seat up!
Most men should realize that us women use the restroom several time in a day as well as night even, so when its 3 am & us women are half asleep we are not caring to look at toilet seats to check whether they are up or down, hence sitting down in a bowl of water which then equals screaming..

4. When he sits in the car & refuses to wear a seat belt!
I wish I could say I want you men to wear it for your safety, but actually it has to do with that damn beeper that won't shut up until you buckle up.. I know horrible right? Oops!

5. When he casually mentions he is going out with friends & says "I can come along if I want"
Do you want me to come or not? This kills me.. Especially if the response is " I don't care" regarding when I asked him if I should come or not! Note to you men just say "yes" yes, I want you to come!

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