Saturday, October 26, 2013

Giving Blood & Looking back At Two Months Ago

I cannot believe it has now already been two months ago since I gave blood & almost two months since I lost Jesse.  They called me yesterday to tell me that If I wanted I could go ahead & come in a few days early to give blood that I could. Since I was already out in town having lunch with a friend I swung by afterwards! 
This time it did not turn out great like last time sadly. I ended up getting sick this time & it was just beyond miserable to be honest. It takes a lot out of me afterwards too so pretty much the rest of the evening I stayed in bed! I just did not have the strength to get up & do much of anything. Even now today I can tell I am still worn down to be honest.

Jesse not a day goes by that I do not miss you! I see thing always that reminds me of you & if that was not the case I would forever & always have the place I work at to remind me of you. I miss your laugh, your big bear bugs, your cocky little attitude that made you so very special, & so much more! I cannot believe that come the 30th of this month it will have been two months since you have been gone! It seems like just yesterday to be honest.. I still remember not being able to say goodbye to you but only being able to say a faint I will see you again someday! I can only hope that you watch over us all from up in heaven knowing that someday when the time is right that you will be able to see us all again!  

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Janna Renee said...

Aww I'm sorry for your loss, girlie. I lost my best friend this year, so I feel your pain! Good for you for donating again, though.