Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hello December Sorry I'm So Late

Where have I been hiding at? That is a good question! You see now days I just have not had much going on or at least not enough to post about sadly.. On top of that its hard to find time to blog its much easier to just instagram it all... I know I know its sad but its so true!
I bought these 2 new Christmas books & of course I just adore them something fierce! The little ones have loved them too since they cannot get enough of me reading them over & over again..

Look how festive my nails are! I absolutely love them needless to say... A big thanks to Ernie for always making them adorable :)

As you can see above I finally filled in my new Chalkboard... I was in love with how it turned out.. I think the tree I done was my favorite part :)

I have not been such great hair days this month sadly but in the above photo my hair actually looked really good & not super frizzy! I called that a win & of course snapped a photo how could I not after all?

I stopped by the local winery for some wine of course! Hello yummy goodness you are all mine to drink & enjoy..

Do you see those presents behind me in this photo? I so wanna be a very naughty girl & go open every single one of them right now.. Is that bad? I think I am worse now then I was when I was a little kid! I do not know if that is bad or good to be honest but in my eyes wink wink I find it good :)

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