Saturday, October 10, 2015

Catch Up Over The Past Few Weeks

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I love that I have been getting to wear my Fall tunics.. I am in love with them & best of all they are so darn comfy!

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I love these cute Fall cups from Starbucks however, I do love the drink inside as well.. So very yummy :) I will have tons of these before all is said & done with!

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We had a girl day out which was pretty great! Trish & I went to the gym, got a mani & pedi, then  had lunch at O'Charleys! It was tons of fun & after all was said & done with we both needed naps haha..

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Still having to work every other week but these yummy drinks sure have made it better I must admit :) Oh the joys of being an adult!

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I loved the Maze Runner but I absolutely loved Scorch Trials so much better! I bet Death Cure will be even better then Scorch Trials!

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I am loving all my Halloween jammies that I have been wearing.. My fleece is so darn comfy :)

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Sarah Alway said...

Wow, you have been busy! I'm glad you're having a lovely fall. :-)

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Look at you busy girl! And is it sad that I'm bummed I have yet to find a Starbucks around here that carries the festive fall cups?

Green Fashionista