Friday, September 11, 2015

14 Years

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Its been 14 years but never has this day been forgotten during them all... 14 years since a perfect blue sky morning turned into the blackest of nights! 14 years since so many people risked their lives so that others could live.. This day deserves to be remembered every single year not because of the events that occurred, the buildings that fell, or the planes that were demolished, but because of the people, the people that are no longer with us & those who risked their lives during that time, for those whom carry scars every single day since that time of 9/11 which truly cannot be forgotten even though we have rebuilt what was lost to us once its good to remember it all because even though we may have rebuilt we cannot create the lives we lost on that tragic day so remembering allows us to honor the fallen as well as those whom still fight today!

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