Friday, October 23, 2015

A Crisp Autumn Day Out for Ava & I

I loved this crisp Autumn weather outside today. Then again I love Fall what can I say.. It is after all my favorite time of year :) 

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Ava had on her boo outfit & it was the cutest thing ever if I might add...Ignore her wubba that she so does not need to have in her mouth!

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This little thing loves her tongue sticking out! I think she finds it funny to degree if you ask me but they is ok by me...

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I can stick mine out too hehe..

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I love how sweet she was here just laying on me these moments seem so rare these days because she normally is on the move too much! She took a good 2 hour nap right after this..

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Ava says look at me I had a bath & now smell all pretty plus I got my cute Halloween jammies on!

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Some family came over & we had a bonfire outside the weather was perfect for it. We also had hot dogs, chips, chili, & some other yummy treats :)

I love this video of Ava & Daddy doing patty cake! She loves it so much & I love how always at the end she laughs which reminds me of the Pillsbury Dough Boy when someone pushes his stomach & makes him laugh!

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