Saturday, June 6, 2015

Visit To See Sara & Ava

Today I drove to Knoxville to see Sara & Ava. I had missed them so much so it was nice to get out of town to see them! For those that are new to my blog or those that have forgotten: Sara is one of my best friends whom is more like a sister then anything & she has a daughter named Ava.

To me Ava is my niece & to her I am her auntie Ashleigh or in her terms (auntie At Eee) for now hehe! I love it though! 

PS she will be 2 in August which is truly so hard to believe! It seems like just yesterday I was holding her after she was born.. However, she has thrived so well & I love how active she is now at her age! She is constantly talking & moving & so much more! 

Here are some photos & videos from the visit today :)

Ava tried Mt Dew for the first time ever thanks to me today! Her daddy can never know shh.. He will have my head! Oh & I got a cute video of her smelling my hand sanitizers. She loves to smell of those things!

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She loves phones & loves photos to be taken of her by herself & of her with others as long as she loves you that is... If she is not use to you then do not bother because she will have nothing to do with you & truthfully I doubt you get her to say much either in that case! But if she knows you then get ready because she has her own little language & she will talk to you none stop! I love listening to her talk...

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She loves sticking out that little tongue of her's... Can you tell?

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This is her I'm winking at you face! How cute right? She is too funny these days but I love it so very much..

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Sara & me :)

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We picked her up right after the photo of Sara & me because she was mad at us that she wasn't in the photo! Can you still see on her face how unhappy she was ha..

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I cannot wait until July gets here! Sara & I are going to take her swimming at the lake & I know she will love it because she loves water just as much as Sara & I do :)

Things Ava Loves Currently:
Water (She loves to play in it) 
The movie Frozen
Princess Dresses
Sweet Potatoes
French Fries
Sweet Tea where after she ahh 
Mt Dew where after she laughs ( I wonder if she knows its a treat)
She is little miss independent so she likes to feed herself  (hello messy time)

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