Monday, January 19, 2015

Tumble Time

Tonight I took a not so fun tumble down my stairs here at the house. I had just changed putting on my jammies & socks when I started down the stairs. I made it to step number 2 when next thing I knew crash & burn down the stairs I tumbled..

I wish I could say I remember exactly how I went down & such but that would be a lie because I do not remember one bit of it until I landed at the very bottom & picked myself up off the floor. It went rather quickly needless to say!

Afterwards  when I picked myself up I realized a few things some of which being that luckily I didn't break anything bone wise thankfully, I was sore as all get out & knew that tomorrow I would be super duper sore, that I would in fact have several big huge ugly bruises, & that I had broke 5 nails & would need to have them redone tomorrow.

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Maybe if I had stayed in my workout outfit with my running shoes on then I would have avoided the slippery tumble time... 

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