Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fit Time

One of my friends Sarah has been asking if she could come work out at the same time I do & do my routine with me so I said yes of course... I was truly looking forward to today!

Waking up this morning I realized I was of course still sore from tumble time a few nights ago & still had huge bruises but I know in time both will go away..  In the mean time that just means I have to suffer through both the soreness & bruising! I am just thankful its only those two & not broken bones as well...

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This was taken before got to the gym this morning & sadly we didn't even end up taken a single photo together :(

Bloggie Fail ....

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Post workout photo... 

Sarah & I had a great workout & was both exhausted afterwards even exhausted enough for me that when I got home I passed out. I needed a nap lol... Sorry that I'm not sorry!

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