Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bubbie Came To Town

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Bubbie came into town on Thursday morning & stayed until Friday night. He had training to teach while here during the day however, at night he was free. 

On Thursday after he was done training people we had a good gym session where needless to say my arms was ready to fall.. He pushed me to my limits but I loved it so much!

On Friday morning I woke up early before he had to leave to go train more people & fixed him some breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, biscuits, chocolate gravy, & bacon! Hello yummy goodness... After he was done for the day we did another great workout where this time he left my poor legs killing me! It still hurts to try & sit down or go up & down stairs from how sore I am.. However, I still love that he can push me to my limits! 

After our workout ended I headed home to the house & he headed back home to Nashville... Even though it was a short visit it was nice to play catch up!

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